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Saturday, March 11, 2006   oh shit.

music 9mm Parabellum Bullet ; Beautiful Target

So it's been a long time. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry for neglecting this! Oh god. I've been so attached to my livejournal, I can say that I was bord of blogger for a while. But hey, now I'm back, cause since Pete Wentz can keep 387410974 blogs, so can I.

So a recollection for the past three months:
- 1st January : ... happy new year? Didn't do anything.

- 7th January : My birthday! I had a small gathering with my closest friends, and we had a nice choc banana cake with spaghetti for our lunch! And oh, Amir nanda came wearing black & pink stripes. That's ace.

- 18th February : ICT DAY! Before that I had been attending "classes" in KDU with the rest of the Interactor DJs in order to garner up more mad skillzzzz for our DJing stint. Okay, so we get a lot of new tongue twisters, that's cool. I sound like I should be the voice of an advertisement. That's cooler. Gerard and Nizam, two KDUrians (haha)were really nice and it was fun playing around in the mini-radio station with them! On that day though, all of us were really unprepared and all that jazz, so we sort of screwed up the opening. Shannon and I had to be the Malay DJs. Shit. Total shit I tell you. Haha. And OMGZORZZZ DINA FROM MALAYSIAN IDOL WAS IN OUR BOOTH YOU GUYZ TEEHEE! Well yeah, but it was cool, especially when we were fighting with the TMNet guys with our soundsystem. We managed to cover up all requests, amazingly! & who the hell requested Something Corporate's Konstantine? We don't have time to play that 9 minutes song especially on a hectic, CARNIVALOUS (cool, new word) DAY!

- Some week in March : Exams! I have the right to say that I was pretty confident. Especially in Chemistry. Wtf, Chemistry? What have you done? I hate you the most, and yet I was confident in you the most? Crazy shit. And Biology, oh Biology, I like you the most because we get to learn about scapulas and yet the paper (almost, I suppose) killed me. I is doomed. Especially for Modern Maths. ;_:

- Right now in March : HOLIDAYS! I want to lounge around with glee. Except I have a terrible headache and stomacheache now.

Anyway, let's plug around! I welcome the new ghei boi from SMKDU(haha) in the blogging scene, ReadMing! Shut up you bird (yes I'm stealing this from you), you are ghei. Not gay, but ghei. With a h-e-i. Ghei.

My mum's in Shanghai until the coming Wednesday. Lucky her! :( & hey, G, DEATH NOTE THE MOVIE LOOKS FANTASTICABULOUS. UGHGUHGH THE TRAILER I CAN SEE L'S EYES WOOOO and o hay sup Raito's room.

New layout soon. :D